Zombified Black Friday

Have you seen those ads where people sort of became Zombies on Black Friday. Zombie became the official symbol of Black Friday.

In the United States, people get hurt and some even fell to their death at the shopping mall on a Black Friday. Though the condition that we face in Malaysia isn’t as bad as how it is in other countries, our people still go mad CRAZY over Black Friday sale.

And since the Black Friday deal is an event that’s been long awaited for, malls and e-commerce sites have been “leaking” their flash deals as part of their teaser campaign plan. This does not only lure shoppers, but give them this extreme impatience excitement that when the time arrives, it literally make them go mad!

  1. The Deals Impact Them Emotionally

According to consumer scientist, James Mourey in an interview with Dealsnews.com, “Anytime people shop, they find a great deal, there’s that psychological joy of pleasure”.

This proves that the shocking flash deals play a deep impact in buyers emotional. For example during 11street’s Black Friday sale, best deals are leaked during teaser stage. This makes buyers feel that the price is unfair that it hurts them if they do not buy. And the impact gets even more serious when they put up their Black Friday promo code. Many buyers would literally fall sick to their stomach, and keep thinking about the deal, day and night. According to research some buyers even wait in front of their laptop hours before a sale start to make sure they have a secure spot online.

  1. The Addiction To Pain

And no we’re not talking about BDSM here. LOL.

So, waiting is painful. Waiting in line is painful. Not getting what you want is even more painful. Competing is also painful.

And guess what? Human beings are addicted to pain. According to Deepak Chopra, “Sometimes the greater the pain, the more fiercely someone will cling to it.” This explains why many people hold on to an abusive relationship.

But right now we’re not talking about relationship pain. We’re referring to shopping pain, and how shopaholics are addicted to it. Something you have not heard before?

So as we have mentioned earlier, generally human beings cling to pain, and it creates some sort of a silent pleasure for them. Shopping sale is considered something painful, though many people don’t see it. During a massive sale like Black Friday, there will be competition, things will be sold out, sizes will be out of stock, e-commerce sites will be down and as a result many people will be left feeling that “pain” for not getting what they were aiming for, after all the hypes and teaser. So what happens next? Because of that addiction they will try their luck again next year or on another sale.

  1. Sense of Urgency

During Black Friday sale, buyers are given 1 day to purchase their dream items. Be it clothes, grocery items, electronics, sports items or anything. But they only have 24 hours to shop on the biggest sale day of the year. On e-commerce site, this means, they have a short time to surf through the site, choosing sizes and colors. They’re also competing against millions of people who want to purchase the same thing, and the stock might not match the quantity of buyers. Yikes!

According to Dr. Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology at DePaul University, about 20% of individuals are procrastinators. 20%? That’s a lot. But one way to them to start taking action is to create a sense of urgency. Penington, R, mentioned in his article in huffingtonpost, “Paint the specific picture of what you want to achieve; why is it important; and what it will look and feel when you have achieved it. Creating an aggressive, but possible, date to accomplish your goal generates urgency.”

This explains why a shop that is on sale ALL THE TIME creates less transaction then shops that go on sale on just a period of time. For example, when 11street in Malaysia launches their Black Friday sale, buyers rush to shop their items as fast as they can before they run out of time.

  1. The Feeling of winning – Being Superior

As human beings, it is common to like or to want to feel superior. As we have mentioned above sales like Black Friday is considered as a competition. A competition between millions of buyers. They might want the same item, size, color or type. Black Friday sale is also about what the buyers get and what others don’t. They feel powerful and full of pride.

Brannon, L., a social psychologist said, “Creating a sense of competition, that everyone will be out looking for the best deal, takes advantage of the social proof principle: if everyone’s doing it, it must be a good idea.”


11street launches their Black Friday Sale today! Check it out!

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