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When was the last time you had a body massage? Last year? During a holiday? But do you know that it is actually essential to get a body massage at least twice a week? With the amount of stress we’re experiencing today some me-time is a must for everyone. But we bet you don’t know what are the benefits of getting regular massage right? Lets find out now:

  • Natural Pain Killer

If you have back problems, arthritis, athletic injuries, or headaches, and have been taking a lot of pills, you should start thinking of other alternatives. Massages can help improve blood circulation and loosen up stiffed muscles that can lead to temporary pain relief. If you do this twice a week, you won’t be needing pain killers as much anymore


  • Strengthening Immune System

In general stress can cause low immune system. It makes you feel down and sick.

But do you realize how relax and happy you feel when you go for a massage? Studies have shown positive vibe and happiness help strengthen immune system.  And what gives you that kind of feeling? Massages


  • Helps manage psychological disorder

Massage therapy makes you feel relaxed. This is useful for people with ADHD, depression and many more psychological disorders. According to a research done by Touch Research Institutes (TRI), after 10 daily massages are applied 10 ADHD symptom teenagers, they seem happier and showed positive changes.


  • Minimize Stress

Stress is usually related to work, home, marriage and many more. And without proper knowledge, not many people know how to take control of their stress levels. The best way to do this is wind down and go for massage therapy twice a week


So what are you waiting for? Book for a slot with your massage therapist now!


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Our recommendation:

Thai Massage in Renaissance Hotel KL

Photo credit to Florida Wellness Medical Group

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