Travelling with Kids

Travelling with children 101

CNY is just around the corner. While the excitement of celebrating with your family and friends are on the rise, this also means traffic congestion is coming soon during peak holiday season, resulting to more hours of travelling.

To those travelling with children, this period can be a nightmare. Crying kids, bouncy car rides, spilled milk, messy car, sticky seats and the list goes on. For many parents, no matter how much you stay calm, travelling with kids can be quite stressful and hectic.

Thankfully we have come up with a few ways on how you can get out of the usual travelling mess!

Plan your route

Yes, festive season is known for its bad traffic. A great way to minimize the chances of getting stuck in it is to plan your route to your destination. Check for road constructions and closure.

You may go to plus highway websites or twitter to check on this. The easiest way is also to Waze your way to your destination. That way you will get the latest information on accidents, stalled car, or anything at all. As you may also know Waze will redirect you to the fastest route based on your settings.

Take a good rest

A day before your journey, be sure to get enough sleep and rest. Not only driving while you’re sleepy is dangerous, but it can also affect your mood. If possible take an extra day off before your travels just to unwind. Travel during day time as your concentration is at its highest.

Baby seats and buckle up

Many parents take these safety measure for granted. As much as grown ups need to buckle up, it is extremely important for toddlers and babies to stay in their seats throughout the whole journey. Parents should set a good example too by putting on their seat belts to stay safe.

Keep Kids Busy in The Car

Kids hate being bored. As much as we would like to teach them that its ok not to do anything from time to time, it is very challenging to do so during your travels. While electronic devices like mobile phones tabs are the easiest way out, it may not be the best for your children. Electronic devices are addictive to adults, and it can be worst for kids who can’t differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. And they’re bad for eyesight too. So the best thing to do is to fill your car with crayons, art blocks, books and portable board games (card games are the best)

Stock up the snack box

A good distraction for your kids are snacks. But they’ve got to be interesting so that your kids don’t mind spending more time enjoying their food. Stay away from junk food like crackers, nuggets (unless homemade) sausages and sugary drinks. Stick with vegetables, sandwiches, fruits, buttered pop corns.On a side note, its very important to stay away from sugary drinks as kids on sugar rush when traveling is not a pretty side.

Stop and Stretch

If the journey is going to take more than 2 – 3 hours, it’s a good idea to take several stops before arriving at the actual destination. It can be a Rest area, a historical area or even a cultural place. Blow some bubbles, snap some photos and create great memories. Your kids will remember this.


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