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Many of us are obsessed with cleaning, like me. I am considered an OCD to most people. But in my opinion, this is not OCD, this is basic cleanliness that everyone should follow. Who wants to live in a dirty house? Who wants to walk on dusty floor? And in my years for cleaning expertise, there’re a few main key you have to know to keep a squeaky clean house. Like, choosing a vacuum cleaner. Most people think choosing a vacuum cleaner is like choosing your bread. You grab and go. No! You have to be more detailed, because if it doesn’t suck it needs to, what is the point? So, here are some of the tricks you may want to follow:


  1. Know the type you want/need:

They’re created differently for good reasons and not just for designs purposes. There’re types like Upright, Handheld, Canister and Robotic. Do your homework  right, look for the best suitable one for you


  1. Consider the specs:

Do you want a heavy one or a light one? Heavy ones are usually more durable. What about the length of the cable? If you live on a landed house you might want to consider a longer cable. And do you prefer with or without bags? The expensive ones are usually the ones without the bags and the dust would land in the water at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner


  1. Purchase accessories for more effective vacuuming:

Vacuums don’t usually come on its own. Accessories can make your vacuuming session more effective like a tool for tangle-free turbine tool and tool to clean your pet’s hair



So from now on when you go to a store to look for a vacuum cleaner, you can talk like a pro! Don’t forget to look for the best deals for vacuum!


Recommended vacuum: HETCH Vacuum Cleaner

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