Healing Power of Bird’s Nests

The benefits and consumption of bird’s nest is not something new known to our culture. For more than 1000 years, the Chinese has been benefiting from consuming bird’s nest. Due to minimal research done on the medicinal properties on bird’s nest, science cannot yet explain the healing powers of this natural product. However, our ancestors have proven the positive results of consuming bird’s nest.

Bird’s nests are actually one of the most expensive foods in the market, and is made from the swiftlets birds’ saliva. What makes it expensive is how dangerous it is to obtain and tedious to prepare.

Traditionally birds’ nests are eaten in soups, but in the modern days, they come in various forms.

What you may not know about Bird’s Nests

  1. The best time to eat is in the morning, on an empty stomach
  2. Birds’ nests can be used to cure cough
  3. It is also excellent to get a healthy skin
  4. A great cure for lungs sickness & blood vein injuries
  5. Its great to improve appetite
  6. Superb for immune system
  7. A great supplement for growing children


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