Sporty Chic Look

Thinking of Changing Your Look? Give the Sporty Chic look a try!

Haven’t you heard? Sporty Chic look is so 2017. Possibilities are, this trend is going to continue through 2018 too! But hey, we’re not talking about the typical jersey or t-shirt and jeans look. We’re talking about Sporty chic, which means you get to look sexy, flirty, fun, sporty, casual but at the same time feminine and cute too! All of these outfits are suitable for female ranging from the age of 25 to 35. Some may feel like they’re too old for these styles, but give it a shot first and then decide.

Go for streetwear

Image 1If you’re skeptical about streetwear fashion, bare in mind that streetwear in 2017 isn’t like streetwear in 1986. Female streetwear is now more chic and feminine and sexy! Pair your cropped tank top with denim and white sneakers, and you will look super chic. And if you dare, why not pull the bomber jacket look?

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Choose Pastel Colors

Chuck away those black and white outfits, girls. Pastel is going to lead the way. Pastel colors with summer look is very trendy right now (yes in Malaysia too!)

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Light colored denim

Remember when Victoria Beckham pulled off every single dark colored denim you see? That time is over, baby! If you want to look sleek and flirty, you should go for light colored denim instead. This includes long denim, hot pants or even cropped pants!

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