Solution to lateness!

Lets face it. Malaysians are not exactly best known for punctuality. While we all know it is not a good habit, yet most of us still do it. This not only will affect your work quality and performance, but it is also a bad impression on us as Malaysians. And if you want to be successful in whichever path you’re choosing, removing this bad habit is a must. Refer to the ideas below on how to be punctual!

  1. Set an intention to be early

Say it out loud to yourself that you’re going to be early the next day or the next appointment. When you say this outloud, your subconscious mind catches it and it will assist you to your next action.

  1. Set your clock 10 minutes earlier

Do this to all clocks that you have in the house. This is a temporary solution. Once your minds get the trick you will usually go back to your old habit. So be sure that you use this time to reset your lateness habit.

  1. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier

So we all know about your snooze game. And sometimes no matter how much we try to beat it, its still there. So why not trick your mind by setting your alarm clock earlier? But to do this you have to make sure you get enough sleep to prevent feeling tired later time of the day

  1. Don’t play with your smartphone before you leave

Believe it or not, this is part of procrastination. Procrastination is a devil. Not only it makes lateness become a norm to you, it also slows down your IQ. I’m not joking. So before you even think of browsing through Facebook before you leave the house… well you better now.

  1. Plan your routes – check waze

Do this in your car, just when you’re about to leave. This way you know which way is clear and which is congested. You can even send an ETA to your boss or client

  1. Set reminders

Set a reminder in your phone calendar on your next meeting or appointment. Sometimes we have a lot of things in our minds, we tend to forget what our next plans are. The reminder should prompt an alarm 1 day earlier and a few hours before our appointment.

  1. 30 minutes early is on time, while on time is late

No one should take the meeting time as it is. EVER. If your meeting is scheduled to be at 2 pm, then in actual time it is actually at 1.30 pm. Its good to be early, but its bad to be late. When you’re early, it creates a vibe of how responsible and committed you really are

  1. Write down your daily tasks

Yes, you might already have it in your reminder. Why do things twice right? But writing down (rather than typing) absorbs in your mind more). According to a study conducted by the Association for Psychology Science (APS), “Apparently, there is something about typing that leads to mindless processing. And there is something about ink and paper that prompts students to go beyond merely hearing and recording new information…”

  1. Plan your breakfast at dinner

Plan early and ahead. If you need to prepare notes before a meeting, do it the night before, not an hour before. If you need to bring any documents to an appointment, make sure to print everything out the day before, and put it by the door. This is to make sure you don’t forget to bring it with you when you leave the next day

  1. End your meeting/appointment on time

For certain people, ending your meeting late shows how hardworking you are. But they’re wrong. This actually show how indiscipline you are, and that you can’t stick to your schedule, and this might become a habit. Ending your meeting late can also lead you to being late to your next appointment. So beware!


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