Shocking things you have to buy!

There are things in our household that we keep on refilling every month because it’s a lifetime usage. But our prices go up and down according to seasons. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can stock what we need for months (or even for the whole year), and then not worry about it? Actually you can. How?

11street is having a massive shocking price drop!

The deals start from 1.11.17 onwards to the end of the year. So you should take this opportunity to buy what you need as many as you can because this kind of deals may not come back! Below is the list of chosen things you should buy quick!

  1. Watson’s Anti-Bacterial Shower Gel
  2. Listerine Original Twin Pack
  3. Blackmores Fish Oil
  4. Dove Shampoo Hair Fall Rescue
  5. Kotex Fresh Plus Panty Liners
  6. MEDIHEAL I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask
  7. Durex Invisible Extra Thin
  8. Blackmores Calcium + D3 60’s
  9. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
  10. Watson’s Baby Hair and Body Wash    

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