Satisfy Your Wanderlust

It is that time of the year again as Malaysians search for the best travel deals to visit every corner of the globe for the following twelve months. We are also avid travellers based on research by Tripadvisor[1], of which Malaysia’s average annual traveler spend by 17% from US$2,056 (RM6,710) in 2013 to US$2,414 (RM7,878) in 2014.

Based on these ongoing trends and availability of cheap travel options and accessories on leading online shopping site 11street, feeding your lust for travel does not need to be an expensive affair – especially if you are the type of person who just loves traveling. So grab your wishlist for favourite destinations because all you have to do for an unforgettable vacation experience is to plan ahead and well.

Source for shockingly cheap travel deals

Macau Tower 470x300Have a country in mind but unsure of what sort of on ground activities and sight seeing locations to visit? If you want to see a country well without the headache of planning your time there, it helps to source for budget packaged tours that are inclusive of accommodation and takes you to the best sightseeing, dining and shopping spots. This leaves you with more spending money on additional experiences or buying souvenirs.

Purchase discounted entrance fees

 If you are the planner for the trip, its most likely that you will be looking for the best entertainment and transportation tickets for your vacation that fall within budget. Find everything that you need and more with discounted e-vouchers at 11street. These include entry to Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Ocean ParkBangkok’s Calypso Carbaret, Universal Studio Singapore and Singapore’s Macau The Venetian 1600x960Aquarium. There are even transportation tickets for 3D/2N Penang transportation service and budget Airport transfers to KLIA and KLIA2.

Get durable luggage

Now that you have your travel and agenda sorted, its time to pack fpr your trip. Getting the right luggage is crluggage bagucial as you do not want to carry around  luggage that can easily be damaged in transit. Enjoy a wide selection of quality luggage such as the New Design Streamer Hard Case travel luggage that would not break the bank with discounts at 11street .  If you are looking for more versatile bags such as a backpack for a trip around Asia,  get the latest Deuter backpack and other outdoor accessories that will suit your trip.

Its always exciting to prepare for a vacation as it’s a moment to relax, indulge and enjoy with family or friends. At 11street, we are committed to ensuring that all your holiday needs can be found on one platform with unbeatable prices.


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