Samsung Quick Picks

Have you heard about our SHOCKING year end promo? If you haven’t you are missing out! Starting from 1st of November onwards, we’re having a massive year end sale! From various brands to various categories, we have it all. And we even have big brands joining us. And today, we would like to talk about Samsung Year End promo on 11street!

Samsung has proven its capability to be one of the most reputable and reliable electronic products brand. They have various products, including mobile phones, laptop, camera, television, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, tablet and many more. Samsung products are also some of the top sellers in 11street.

But there might be certain things you might not know about Samsung. Things like the below list!

  1. So apparently Samsung is a Korean word that means “three stars”. The reason that they chose this name was because, they knew from the starting that they wanted Samsung (the brand) to be on top. Inspiring aye?
  2. Samsung has a management team that puts quality to the top. And they want their employees to do the same. What did they do? They made all their employees changed everything except their family.
  3. Once, Samsung’s chairman was not happy with the quality of their products. He literally made his employees assemble 150,000 phones and fax machines and gathered them around. All the phones and fax machines were then destroyed right in front of their eyes to just give them a lesson on quality.
  4. Samsung was the first to produce CDMA, Digital TV, Watch Phone and MP3 Phone.
  5. 1/3 of all the sold smartphones were Samsung smartphones.
  6. Samsung has 60,000 employees working in their research and development team
  7. Samsung is making their way to produce more sustainable technology
  8. There are about 100 Samsung TVs sold every minute
  9. Samsung has been ranked 9th most valuable global brand on the 2012 Interbrand Top Global Brands list.
  10. 90% of Samsung products are made in their own factories

Facts taken from Samsung official Website

And 11street, we have our own best Samsung picks at the lowest prices!

Samsung Gear VR with Controller 2017 


Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 32 GB 


Samsung 7kg Washing Machine SAM 


Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 


Samsung Gear Camera 


Samsung Wireless Speaker Bottle 


Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro R365 


Samsung MG920 Bluetooth Headset 


Samsung 3D Blu Ray Home Theatre System 




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