Online Shopaholic Guide 101

Malaysia has one of the highest numbers online shoppers. Some may shop of e-commerce platforms while some do it on social media like Facebook or Instagram. This shows how much trust Malaysian shoppers have on online sellers. Online shopping may be one of the most effective way shopping due to its cheap price, but it has some drawbacks especially when it comes to safety, or if you’re an impulsive buyer. However, if you follow a few smart steps to shop online, rest assured you’ll be safe!

  1. Create an online shopping budget

If you’re a regular online shopper, set a monthly budget on how much money you should be spending on online shopping. Online shopping only requires one click on your finger tip, so the risk of impulsive buying is very important.


  1. Make use of the wishlist function

If you’ve been eyeing for something, but has been contemplating to buy due to the price, try adding it to your wishlist. The idea to this is so that you can an instant notification when there is a price drop. And sometimes the price drop is only for you. You can do this on 11street.


  1. Check reviews

If you want to know more about the products, sellers, product quality and service, you can refer to the reviews. Most reviews are genuine, and based on shoppers experience. If you do purchase an item, don’t forget to leave your own review. This is to help other online shoppers who were once lost like you too!


  1. Pay attention to coupons, reward programmes and free shipping

Most e-commerce platforms like 11street has reward programs and coupons. Some may use the point mechanics, or buy 1 free 1. Whatever it is, make sure you’re aware of this because most of the time, their deals are mostly very good. Free shipping is also a deal, because it may cut down a lot of your total price.


  1. Make sure you’re on a safe site

These days most e-commerce sites are generally safe. But you can also still be cautious. For example, 11street has implemented this system called (escrow) where seller;s payment will be only released once buyers have received their ordered items.


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