Nightmare on 11street

Do you believe in Ghost? What about the other dimension? And do you believe that certain people have the gift of seeing the dead? So, we have gathered a few real horror stories experienced by 11street members. And looks like we may have Shamans in the team!

The Room with The Watermark
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Location: Berjaya Penang Hotel, formerly known as George Town Hotel
In Chinese, we always have many pantang especially staying in hotel like :
1) Last room in the corridor
2) Hotel room ceiling have water mark
3) Room is just in front of the lift
We were in Penang end of last year for a trip. We took our keys from the concierge and started to look for our rooms.  To our surprise, we saw our room the minute lift doors open. Our room was just directly in front of the lift. We didn’t have a choice but to go into the room first. Then my husband saw a water mark in the ceiling and it’s a quite old and wet watermark. We both felt uneasy, but we didn’t want to say it. Old people said if you feel something is wrong, don’t say it out loud.
I went to the bathroom for a shower. I placed all my toiletries on the bathtub sidebar, and turned on the hot water. As I was having my shower, suddenly all my toiletries fell down by itself. Some fell inside the tub, and some fell on the floor. I quickly rinsed my body, and left the bathroom.
We switched room immediately after that
 Ghost at The Train Station





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One late evening of last week,  I was at the train station after drinking with friends. We were waiting for the last train, so there wasn’t many people there. There was only two people, me and a strange drunken woman. She dances strangely, bows and moves her legs and arms in front of the guardrail. Her stunts looked dangerous. It looks like someone was dragging her to the rail road. It was dangerous. But, I thought that it was funny so I started taking video and uploaded it on Facebook. My friend replied saying “That’s crazy!” so I replied back “You should see her personally” Suddenly, I heard a bang sound. I looked up but she wasn’t where she was supposed to be. I slowly stood up and went there baring uneasy feeling. I looked down at the train track, but there was nothing.

The next day the newspaper came out. There were two people who committed suicide on the station. However, they didn’t share any information.


The Visitor


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I was working on my assignment past 3am one day when I noticed the light in store room behind me started to flicker dimly.As soon as I turned my head to have a good look, suddenly the fluorescent light fully lit up. For a moment, my legs felt numb and I have lost my voice.

Then I ran to my Mum who was still asleep, she woke up and bravely switched off the light. Later we spoke about it… strangely none of us were in that room recently nor did we switch on any lights.

There was only 2 of us at home so it couldn’t be anyone else pranking me. I’ve never worked past 3am since that day.

Michelle Mae

The one on the chair 


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It was around 10pm that night, and I decided to drop by at my mom’s house after my weekly Yoga class. I parked my car at the porch, and got out of the car. As I was walking to the front door, I passed by the living room. And through the sliding door, I could see my mom’s living room very clearly. Everything was there, the couch, the coffee table, the decor, the flowers, and also a tall dark guy, sitting on my mom’s purple chair. He was just sitting there staring in the space. He didn’t do anything. He didn’t move. And he didn’t even look at me. And what I saw was only a glimpse. When I looked back he wasn’t there. I got inside the house, and found out that there was no one at the living room. My senses told me that it was a depressed and sad spirit. A spirit full of regret. But it wouldn’t cause any harm.


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