New house. Low cost.

Are you single and moving into a studio apartment? If yes, don’t you think moving in can cost so much? The cleaning, the renovation, the furniture and the installation. However, before you do so, make sure you know the checklist to cut down your expenses when moving into a new place

  1. Create a very detailed moving budget

The best way to save cost in anything is to have a budget. Exactly plan how much you’re going to spend, and a breakdown of each item. Once you’re done with this, you can start collecting quotation for the lowest price for each item.

  1. Don’t hire movers.

If you have family members near to you, use them instead. Movers are efficient but if you’re on a tight budget, this is not exactly the best move.

  1. Do DIY renovation

If your new place needs renovation (e.g., painting), we reckon you do this yourself. Not only it can slash your cost to more than half if you hire a contractor, it is also fun to do! Invite your friends and family members to be involved, and you will also create valuable moments.

  1. Don’t pay for boxes

Buying boxes is a waste of money. Ask for unused boxes at the supermarket and convenient store, and you’ll be able to get a whole lot of them.

  1. Move on a weekday

If you’re going to rent a lorry and the driver, they usually charge extra during the weekend. So be smart and move on a weekday.

  1. Look for furniture and electrical appliances on sale

If you can purchase second hand items, its good. But if you can’t look for furniture and electrical appliances that are on sale. For 11street year end sale, we have many items at shockingly cheap price from Courts! Here are some of the items:

Global Jar Rice Cooker GRC-18 

Stockholm Canvas Birch Branch 40×30

Elba Steam Iron ESI-1139 

Bowen 5 piece dining set 

Mille Stand Mixer 

Panasonic Fully Automated Top Load Washing Machine 

Pensonic Table Top Burner 



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