Lets Get Hairy

Looks like Movember is back and many men are growing their moustaches and beards. But do you really know the significance behind this event? How well do you know about the cause you’re fighting for? Or are you just following the trend?

Things you might not know about Movember

  1. Mo stands for moustache and the rest.. well… the rest stands for November.
  2. It is a movement that supports strongly on men’s health.
  3. Its main objective is also to raise awareness on men’s health; prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.
  4. It was founded by 2 Australian men who wanted to bring awareness on men’s health and the moustache culture that is forgotten.
  5. The NGO that handles this is called The Movember Foundation.
  6. Girls are also allowed to participate.
  7. They receive about 1 million participant every year.
  8. Participant has to start with a clean shaved face.
  9. Men that participate are referred to as Mo Bros.
  10. Having a moustache can protect you from skin cancer.

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