11street & Partners Workshop

Alex Teoh, Head Of Business Operations from Hubwire speaks on enabling retailers and brands to enhance logistic operations and deliver top-notch customer service

11street hosted a workshop recently with its partners at 11street’s office. With a turnout of 100 participants, this workshop aims to educate sellers on the importance of efficient “Product Sourcing and Parcel Delivery” to improve business operations, leading to increase in potential sales.

The session started off with Alex Teoh from Hubwire who covered topics on the benefits of business outsourcing and helping merchandisers store, manage, deliver and analyze valuable goods in a more trusted and cost-efficient method.

Next up was Sungwhan Yeon from Korea who spoke on “How to Source from Korea”. With the demand of Korean products on the rise with the local market, this was especially interesting for sellers who are looking to import Korean products. Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) connects local sellers to the Korean suppliers and ensures a safe, easy payment in order to promote Korean goods.

Sungwhan Yeon, Director of KOTRA

Sungwhan Yeon, Director of KOTRA teaching participants on understanding trends and companies in Korea

The following speaker, Terrence Hor, educated the participants on sourcing products from China and how an experienced seller would source directly from China. The new era of sourcing do not require the seller to travel to China to source for products but everything can be done hassle-free via AllCan Express in a shorter amount of time, cheaper shipping charges, and lowers down risks in product damage and warehousing costs.


Terrence Hor, Founder of All Can Express, also known as the one stop China sourcing centre

Shaun of 11street revealing how simple it is to reach out to buyers via 11street

Participants having a tea break and networking with each other

After the short break, participants were informed about an important fact:

Most shoppers walked away from an e-store because there wasn’t enough choice of delivery options

Rosland James from InPost covered on how physical delivery is a barrier to online sales and how convenience ultimately wins customers. InPost provides a solution where failed delivery risks are reduced and gives additional flexibility of location and time of pick-up.

Rosland James, Country Manager of InPost

Rosland James, Country Manager of InPost sharing on the importance of delivery & pick up convenience

The next speaker, Nabil Feisal from Zyllem further explained on how to manage delivery needs. Zyllem exists to renew businesses’ logistic system which enables sellers an efficient delivery method. He spoke on how to empower and localize a business with guaranteed same day delivery to customers for ensuring great customer satisfaction. Besides that, he also educated sellers on how to have easy access to an efficient delivery without compromising assurance and security.

Mr Nabil Feisal, MD of Zyllem explaining on why same day delivery guarantee is necessary

Mr Nabil Feisal, MD of Zyllem explaining on why same day delivery guarantee is necessary

The final speaker of the day, Tommy from ISIS is an expert on storage & delivery since 2009. He shared about how ISIS provides an e-fulfillment solution to avoid sellers’ usual problems such as missing inventory, wrong item/address and late delivery. ISIS boasts about being the first in Malaysia that uses a Pick-to-Light system during Pick & Pack. All items are processed through bar code scanning for a thorough check.


Tommy, Co-founder of ISIS speaking to workshop participants at 11street’s training room on the need of speedy orders fulfillment

After the three hour session came to an end, participants were treated to another short round of refreshments and a Q&A session with the invited speakers.

Stay tuned for more interesting workshops coming to you in May!

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