HUGE Trend 2018

8 Trends That Will Be SUPER this 2018

  1. 2018 Pop Culture: Women on Top

PC: Time Magazine

Last year’s films were all about the dark & Superhero genre. This year, in 2018 gets very much exciting. Mommies and all the women in the world can look forward to more films about inspiring women, and also films that star mainly women. Its time to celebrate women!

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  1. Color of 2018 : Lavender & Turquoise

PC: Pinterest

Move aside millennial pink! Lavender and faded turquoise are about to conquer the fashion industry.

The prediction is, we will be seeing a lot these 2 colors at the mall soon (or already have). Watch out for lavender pants, faded turquoise tops and shoes too! If lavender isn’t your type of color, start small and see if you can pull it off. You can start with a scarf or a hat or even socks if you want too!

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  1. Travel Destination of the 2018: The Philippines

PC: Lonely Planet

Remember when your colleagues and friends go to Lombok every year? This year, things just got interesting! According to predictions and research, holiday destination of this year is the beautiful Philippines!

Imagine yourself lying down, sipping coconut juice in your bikini on the sandy beach of Boracay. Travel doesn’t just make you feel happy and relaxed, but exploring other cultures and new places is good from your self-growth.

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  1. Beauty Trend of 2018: Water Infused Products

PC: Beautyholics Anonymous

We all know we need to make sure our body is hydrated at all times, especially at the time where the weather is hot or doing physical activities. While drinking branded mineral water is already a plan, another great product is going to be part of the 2018 trend.

We’re talking about water infused facial cleanser, face serum, shampoo and even shower gel. And you should be crazy about it because some of these products don’t even need to be rinsed off! Yay!

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  1. Look of 2018: The 80’s Modernized


PC: Roffyjohnflores

Looks like Papa Don’t Preach is back, baby! Yes, the 1980’s fashion is back in trend. Wait! Don’t rush to your parents wardrobe just yet! We’re talking about a more modernized 80’s fashion style. Leather mini skirts, headbands, hoop earrings and slashed tees are all in the list, but make sure you choose something plain, or with minimal prints or you can even pair them with simple denim.

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  1. Attitude of 2018: Taking Action

PC: Paul Terry & Associates

Remember when all the media told us to never stop dreaming? Well honey, dreaming isn’t getting you anywhere if you don’t take any action. Which is why, all e-magazines, blogs and thought leaders are pushing the action of “taking action” as attitude of the year. Gear up boys and girls, because your dream is about to come true!

  1. Superfood of 2018: Adaptogens

PC: Naomi’s Kitchen

We live in a world where stress is a common thing. But just because many people go through it, doesn’t make it right. Which is why, the Superfood of 2018 is Adaptogens.

Adaptogens is a type of herbal/natural substance that can assist your body to avoid from stress. Usually made from a combination of magical herbs like Ashwagandha, Maca, Schisandra, Shilajit & Triphala this blend helps your body adapt to psychological stress by balancing your hormone. How easy is that?

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  1. Accessory of 2018: Oversize Earrings

PC: Etsy

Oh yea baby. Time for you to collect those gold loop earrings again! Whether you’re a Madonna or Cindy Lauper or Katy Perry, those earrings have to be in your hearts right now. But hey, don’t over do it! Oversize earrings should always be paired with something minimal.

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  1. Home Trend of the Year: Matte Black

PC: Nowdesign

Looks like things just got serious! The bat cave style is in trend! And guess what we love it! Matte black doesn’t just look good in a house, but it make things look simple but classy. But make sure to match it with earth color too, or your home will just look too dark!

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