How to choose the right bottle for your child

Hand is prepairing milk formula for feeding baby.

All parents want what is best for their child. From bedding, food, to prams, to clothing, and even bottle. As a matter of back choosing the right bottle is actually one of the most important choices to make as he or she will be feeding on milk at least until she turns 4. However, with the wide selection of bottles that we have now, how do we know which one is good and which one isn’t? Which material is best? Plastic? Glass? Stainless Steel or Hybrid style? Over here, 11street investigates:


In Malaysia the most common baby bottle materials are plastic and glass. Though plastic is actually more common. However, it all gets down to your lifestyle as parents. Does your family take the baby out a lot? Regularly travel maybe? If yes, then plastic might be the best for you. Glass is more expensive, heavier and easier to break. Remember, babies love throwing things. And bottles happen to be their favourite item to throw too. However, glass bottles are definitely BPA-free and microwave safe. So if you think you can stop the glass from breaking, glass bottle might be the right one for your baby.

However, if you decided to take the plastic bottle, make sure its BPA free and if possible biogradable.



Baby’s bottles come in various shapes and designs. These designs come with a purpose. The most common and cheapest shape is the standard shape, tall and narrow. There’re also others like, wide-necked bottles, angle-necked bottles, vented bottles, bottles with disposable liners, heat sensitive bottles and self – sterilizing bottles.

To choose the right one, you have to run a few experiments with your baby. Buy a few bottles with various shapes and see which one your baby prefers. As long as the bottle suits your body’s age, you’re all good.


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