How to be a Smart Shopper

image001Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street has notice that Malaysians are generally cautious about where we spend our money, with most of us conducting a thorough research prior to purchasing an item. Price competitiveness, easy accessibility, as well as an improved level of security have made online shopping an emerging and convenient platform for consumers to get their needed items.

As we all know, enjoying great savings is becoming more important in recent times due to GST implementation and economic condition with the weakening Ringgit. As a result, online shopping has grown popular in the country. According to a report, the most commonly selected reasons for preferring online shopping were found to be price and flexibility, each with 62%[1]. Malaysians are also always on the lookout for the best deals with 70% researching before purchasing (be it online or offline), which is one of the highest rates in Southeast Asia[2].

A survey also found that 50% of Malaysians prefer to shop online to find international brands that are not available locally. Also, the ready availability of product information, price comparisons, and online reviews were also a key motivator for 42% of online shoppers[3]. On this aspect, online shopping provides shoppers with accessibility and convenience to purchase desired items anytime, anywhere. Some online marketplaces even take the initiative to bring popular overseas products to our doors.

Security is also a significant factor when it comes to online shopping. Did you know, since January to July this year, a total of RM1 billion were stolen through cybercrime? This makes Malaysia the sixth highest in the world for online fraud[4]. While security concerns are still a deterrent to online shopping, thankfully there are credible online marketplaces that not only offer the best of security, but also trustworthy items that are genuine and of high quality.

To help shoppers save more, and at the same time enjoy a secured shopping experience, below are essential tips for all online shoppers to follow:

  1. Enjoy Discounts via Available Coupons & Reward Programmes

image002There are various types of great discounts offered by online marketplaces including coupons or complimentary credits can be redeemed. At 11street, shoppers can download coupons with up to 99% discounts, free shipping, as well as special deals with established brands under different categories. There are also customer reward programmes that offer extra benefits to shoppers, where they can earn greater discounts with more purchases.

Additionally, many shoppers today are not aware that they can obtain bonuses and special promotions through mobile shopping. For example, with the 11street mobile app, shoppers are constantly surprised with exclusive deals and offers. Consumers can also reap further discounts on 11street by taking advantage of bank deals from CIMB, RHB bank and even Maybank – so don’t miss out on these deals!

  1. Easy Access to International Brands that Are Not Available in Local Stores 

Shoppers often find themselves unable to purchase their favorite items that are only available overseas. Many a time, if these items are purchasable, it comes with hefty costs that include exchange rates and overseas shipping fees. A local online marketplace like 11street imports popular overseas products such as the Lioele Rizette Magic Whitening Cream from Korea to satisfy shoppers’ needs. Moreover, 11street offers a wide inventory of international products that are not only affordably priced, but comes with a reliable and easy delivery tracking service. Additionally, its local customer service helps ensure that any incidents are solved promptly.

  1. Buy From Trusted Online Marketplaces

image003It is important to keep an eye out and purchase items only from established online marketplaces and sellers. Credible online marketplaces are mostly compliant to a high level of payment standards such as PCI DSS to ensure a secure online transaction. Make it a practice to survey the company’s background and business model prior to placing your order. For example, 11street has implemented the ESCROW system which means payments will be kept in a gatekeeper’s account, and only released to sellers after customers receive their items in good condition. It also runs an in-house security system that monitors the transactions and quality of products, in order to ensure shoppers have a pleasant and safe shopping journey.

  1. Read Customer Reviews

image004Check out past customer comments and product Q&A before you confirm an order. This enables buyers to have a better understanding of the desired product and how has it benefited previous customers. 11street’s review system is set to prompt shoppers to give their feedback only after receiving their products. While it is not mandatory for customers to offer feedback, 11street strongly recommends them to do to offer future buyers with genuine insights before they make a purchase. Moreover, the review system will encourage sellers to ensure quality services in order to build a good reputation on the site.

We encourage Malaysians to follow these tips and enjoy making smart purchases online. For a well-rounded experience, check out 11street’s Farewell 2015 and 2016 Resolutions promotions with discount coupons (up to 90% discounts) to shoppers everyday starting from 20 December 2015 until 17 January 2016. So be ready to shop at 11street and start 2016 on a happy note!


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