Go Green… Go Tupperware!

Tupperware has been in the market for a long time. And if you’re the type who wants to go green and economical, Tupperware is a great product for you. Say bye bye to plastic containers (which is harmful anyways. Ever since the Selangor government banned plastic bags and containers, more people are playing their parts as concern citizen by bringing their own containers from home.

But what how do you define a good food container?

It should be Bioplastics, Biodegradable,  Compostable and tough enough for hot food, room temperature and the freezer. And guess what? Tupperware meets all the requirement. Not only that, Tupperware products are also very kids friendly.

But why Tupperware?

Award winning design

Beautiful colors

Made to lasts

Innovative design

Air tight


But this is not what its all about!

We want to announce something shocking today. At 11street, Tupperware is having super duper cheap price in conjunction to our Shocking? Yes! Sale! Woo! And we’re not talking about small discounts. We’re not talking about small discounts. But big ones up to 45%! And if you have kids, they even have the Minion Goggle Canister version at 39% off!

This promo starts from the 1st of November 2017 to the end of the year. But we can’t guarantee you that it is not going to be sold out! Shocking? YES!


Click here now!

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