Financially Successful in 2018

8 steps to save more and shop more this 2018

So every new year, most of us have a financial goal. And many of us aim to save more than we did last year, and shop less. While save and shop usually don’t come in the same sentence, we will prove you wrong. Follow these steps below, and you will be able to save more than you can ever think of without getting rid of your retail therapy.


  1. Set your financial goals & dream board

Take stock of your income, spending, bills, loans etc. Create a budget for every aspect of our life, from; meals, transportation, bills etc. From there set how much you want to save up each month. Stick to the budget, note down every spending you make

Also, set up a dream board. Make sure all the items of your dreams are pasted on the board. Trip to Venice, iPhone X, Macbook Pro, a new house; photos of all these should be on the board. Studies have shown that creative visualization works to get your dream to come true. Tony Robbins the famous Motivation Guru mentioned, “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactlt what you will experience in your life.”

So dream big, guys.

  1. Use the 30/30/40 rule

Segregate or divide your income into 3 groups:

1) Bills – 30%

All fixed bills should be placed under here. This includes electric bills, phone bills, water bills, internet bills etc.

2) Daily Spending – 30%

Includes meals, petrol, toll etc.

3) Savings – 40%

Divide your savings into 2 groups:

Savings A – This account is meant to be spent. Its all about shopping, partying and entertainment. And because you have earned this, you deserve to enjoy this

Savings B – Money from this account should not be touched unless for emergency. The funds in here are kept for investments, education and emergencies only.

  1. Open extra bank accounts

To keep you discipline for the previous step, opening 3 more bank accounts would really help you achieve your goal. You may open one account for your daily spending, Savings A & Saving B.

  1. Save loose change – RM 1 & RM 5

Recently, a Malaysian guy by the name of Joe Najib shared his financial experience last year. His started his 1st of January 2017 by saving up RM 1 & RM 5 daily. And guess how much he ended up having by 31st of December 2017? RM 3900!! While that amount of money might not sound a lot for some, it is surely a lot of money to be spent on shopping


  1. Shop online

You may not believe this but shopping online has been proven better for your financial plan than shopping at the malls. Why? Here are the reasons why you should shop online instead of offline:

1) You can download coupon. 11street always has great coupon downloads for you to spend on.

2) You’re more likely to stick to your budget because you’re always aware of how much you already have in your cart

3) Its cheaper & more affordable

  1. Save the date

Most people prefer to buy things on a bargain. That is basically the smartest way to shop. But not everyone knows when to shop (comparing to where). Research on the best sale dates and put it in your calendar. So these are the dates that you should be splurging on.

  1. Monitor your financial progress

On a monthly basis, monitor how you’re doing financially. Are you keeping up to your budget? Are you at par with your financial plans? If not start planning on how you can cut back and be right back on track.

  1. Take it easy, enjoy yourself because life wants you to win

There, you’ve done your best. You made the best financial plan. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your time.

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