Faa Firds shops top-to-toe at 11street!

Faa Firds discovers 11street’s abundance of products and shares how she shopped for her head-to-toe smart casual look, all at the convenience of the 11street Mobile App!

“I love shopping, but there are many reasons that prevent me from enjoying my favorite pastime. I study in Bangi and only come back to KL on Friday evenings. Shopping on weekends, means that the malls are crowded and I end up spending most of my time in crazy traffic. When you factor in the cost of the item, transportation fee as well as time spent, I just end up staying at home,” Faa said.

“Now, there’s no reason to stop me from shopping, thanks to 11street! By just one click, I am exposed to the latest fashion, beauty products, accessories within my spending budget. I like to check on its best deal, so that I can be the online shopping consultant among my friends and university mates.”

To find out more about Faa’s Fashion tips for Muslimah wear and what she got from 11street. Check out her latest video at 11street’s official YouTube page, or visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJyvssnYOJY.


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