Exclusive Tesco Deals!

11streets’ Year End Sale is roaring right now, as we’re getting more and more orders. And while doing so, our team is working hard negotiating with popular brands and sellers. So we can assure you that we will get you the best brands and deals. Ooops before we forget, we did make a deal with a hot brand. And one of it is Tesco! Tesco has a range of products on massive discounts. But on top of that, we have selected some of the best of very best products of the year!

Samsung Microwave Oven

Now RM 199

Philips Hand Blender

Now RM 92

Tesco Bread Maker

RM 199

Tesco Synthetic Oil

RM 96.05

Family Pool

RM 49.90


Are you SHOCKED yet?


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