Diamonds are forever

Reasons why diamonds will still be a girl’s best friend on Valentine’s Day


So it has been said that, “Diamonds are forever” and “Diamond is a girl’s best friend”. But is it still the case? We talked to a few 11street staffs and they said, “Of course it is!” Here are the real reasons why diamonds should not ever be lost in time.


1) She’s your BFF

“Me and my bestfriend have a long distance relationship. I’m in Malaysia, and she’s all the way in the United States. Throughout all these years, we remained close, and she’s the person that I communicate the most despite the distance. On the 20th year of our friendship, I wanted to get something valuable that represents our friendship. So I got a pair of matching simple delicate necklace with Exude diamond from Lazo for the both us. Guess what? She loves it.”

Sara, Assistant Manager, Performance Marketing

2) She is your mom

“My mom is the most important person in my life. She’s the world biggest supporter in what I do, and no one can ever top what she has done for me. I have always wanted to buy her the most thoughtful gift, but I was always strapped out of cash. So one day I decided to save up by not having lunch for 3 months. And I managed to purchase her Lazo’s Diamond Mix Gold bracelet. When I handed it to her, she cried, and I cried, and we cried together. It has been 5 years now, and I haven’t seen her without it, not even a day.

Phoebe, Manager Merchandising Department


3) It’s an inheritance

My mother has this diamond necklace with small gold leaves attached which was passed down from my grandmother. The necklace was an inheritance from my great great grandmother, and it has been passed on for years. Every time the necklace has a new owner, her name will be engraved to the leaves by the previous owner. I know the diamond necklace will one day be mine, but I want to create something similar with my children. So I bought Lazo’s diamond charm bracelet, engrave my daughter’s name on one of the charms and gave her as a gift. I hope she will do the same to her children


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