Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom

[Editor’s Selection] 11street’s customer, Miss Hazirah shares 5 simple tricks to decorate your kid’s bedroom.

It’s only natural that when your kids have grown up a bit they will sleep in their own bedroom. When it comes to decorating your kids bedroom, knowing these simple tricks can help you turn your toddler’s room into something that they will love and appreciate. It will also make the transitioning from sleeping with their parents to sleeping alone much easier. Read on to find out how you too can have a picture perfect bedroom for your own kids in no time.

Choose a theme

The first thing that you need to do is to figure out the theme of your child’s bedroom. If you are clueless as how to choose the perfect theme, always look at their personality. For example, if your kid is cheerful and outgoing, you may want to decorate their bedroom with colourful items. You can also pick the theme based on your child’s favourite cartoon character or her favourite story book. The possibility is endless.

Add soft furnishings

Always remember that the key to accessorizing your child’s space is comfort. Think soft fluffy rugs, lots of pillows, and a great blanket for cold nights. These bedroom’s essentials is a must have to help your child settle in comfortably in their own new bedroom. You can also take colours into consideration when buying the soft furnishing. It is advisable to have a colour palette for the room for a coherent look. It will be your guide in determining the colours of your soft furnishing.

Stay organized

It’s no secret that children love to make a mess. It is part of their learning process after all. To keep the room nice and tidy after every playtime, add some storage boxes to child’s bedroom to keep all of their precious toys. If your space is on the smaller side, think vertical storage rather than horizontal.

Decorate the walls

Wall can be a great place to add some personal touches to your kid’s room. You can add wall stickers, paint them, or if you’re the creative types, you can even draw a big mural on the wall. Chalkboard wall is also a great idea for your child’s bedroom as they can doodle away on the wall and not feeling guilty for it. Whatever it is that you choose to do, don’t let the walls be bare.

Double duty

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Make your child’s room do double duty by turning them into a play area as well. Add play tents that can also double as a reading nook or buy a cute table and chair where they can sit down and do some activities. Pro tip: Choose kid-friendly furniture to ensure the safety of your kids while they play.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy when you decide to decorate your kid’s bedroom. Your child can enjoy being in their own bedroom and will love you for it.


This article is written by a customer of 11street, Miss Hazirah.

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