Celebrates World Coffee Day

Malaysia has historically been a tea-drinking nation, but the consumption of coffee is on the rise. In 2014 [1], the Malaysian coffee market was good for a total of RM581.7 million which indicate that they drink about 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day. Moreover, these numbers are expected to grow with an additional 5.9% over the next 5 years..

In conjunction with International Coffee Day, 11street and No.1 coffee brand Nescafé shared that there has also been a rise in the younger generation’s taste for specialty coffee, which has led to a boom in cafes opening up and with their love for the convenience and efficiency of e-commerce, it is no doubt we see 11street is bringing Nescafe online.

As a result, Nescafé made the decision to take more new innovative products, such as NESCAFÉ Mountain Wash and NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto to the next level and focus more closely on the younger generations by selling it online at 11street. Bringing its products to 11street will enable Nescafé to connect directly with younger coffee lovers in Malaysia and offer them a platform to educate the consumers on ‘the art of coffee’.

Online platform enables Nescafé to share their fun recipes with consumers, have them brew new concoctions and inform them about combo purchases that make the whole coffee experience a lot more fun.

To already help Malaysians indulge in the pleasure of International Coffee Day, consumers can buy coffee beverages up to 20% discount on the 11street website between 28th September and 5th October.

[1] Euromonitor, Coffee in Malaysia Report 2015

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