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Three Malaysian brands to look out for – Have you purchased yours?

As we walk the busy streets of the city, squeezing into jam packed LRT trains, or eyes glued and fingers enthralled onto our smartphones, there comes a point in time where we ‘see’ but not observe. This moment of oblivion sometimes means that everything around us are mere ruffles in the water, but if you take a moment to look around , you might just discover a tidbit or two that will completely take you by surprise.

For example, how many products around you do you think are proudly Malaysian-made and manufactured, consumed by a worldwide audience, and have received good commendations? Be ready for a surprise!

This National Day, in the spirit of Malaysian patriotism, we scavenged through the depths of 11street, one of Malaysia’s largest e-malls, and found a cavern full of goodies, all beaming with Malaysian pride.


ogawa beauty massager

“But OGAWA sounds like it is from Japan-lah,” many Malaysians will remark.

The fact is, OGAWA is a home-grown brand established in 1996, specialising in healthcare equipment, with one of their most well-received products being the OGAWA beauty massager. Priced at only RM59.00, the massager is easy to use. When used for a few minutes a day, it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, keeping skin supple and radiant.

OGAWA, which means ‘stream’ in Japanese, carries many other health equipment for the purpose of beauty, diagnostic, fitness, hygiene, relaxation, and therapy. It prides itself in encouraging Malaysians to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and through its range of innovative products, OGAWA endeavours to galvanise Malaysians to understand the science of wellness and how it will benefit them.

What makes us most proud about OGAWA is how it has slowly but surely carved a name in the international arena, with glowing reviews and recommendations. You boleh, OGAWA!



If you have seen the viral video of a busker serenading a quartet of mesmerised kittens on the streets of Pulau Pangkor recently, you will understand the outpouring of love Malaysians have for our feline friends. So much love that we even have our own homegrown cat food brand – ProDiet®.

That’s right! One of the furkid’s favourite food brands is Malaysian born! ProDiet® launched in 2009 with one mission in mind – to make premium yet affordable pet food accessible to every cat lover. Made with furkids in mind, ProDiet® is made from 100% real seafood with a formulation for a balanced and nutritious meal for our beloved pet.

Cat lovers will be delighted to know that there are three categories of food – Kitten Range for newborns, Adult Range for dynamic adults and Senior Range for the more mature cats – to ensure that they receive the best nutrients based on their special stages of life.

ProDiet®’s 8kg dry food is now retailed at the exclusive price of RM64.50* only on 11street and shoppers also can buy a bundle of 2packs at RM129* during Malaysia Day promotion period to receive a pet carrier bag as free gift.

* for a limited period only


khind hand blender

‘Value-for-money’ does rhyme with ‘high quality’, as we discovered from KHIND, who has been at the forefront of bringing innovative home appliances to Malaysian and overseas consumers since its inception in 1961.

New mothers and soup lovers continue to marvel at the KHIND Hand Blender, priced at RM135, for it works wonders to blend nutritious porridge for babies who just started on solids, or churn a delicious pot of soup to warm the belly on a cold, rainy night. Gone are the days when they have to painstakingly slave over the stove to chop ingredients into tiny pieces, for technology is definitely here to save the day.

Apart from blenders, KHIND also carries a wide range of home appliances of the best qualities, such as air cooling fans, chillers, rice cookers, toaster ovens, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners. Many consumers in Malaysia and more than 60 countries around the world are proud owners of these appliances.

Show Your Patriotism, Support Malaysian Brands!

To celebrate National Day and the coming Malaysia Day, 11street will feature a plethora of Malaysian products at attractive prices. Immerse yourself with the glory of Malaysian-made products, and take pride in owning something that is essentially Malaysian. For more information on offers and promotions, log on to www.11street.my or download the 11street mobile app available on Google Play and Apple app store.


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