Partnership between Audra and 11street

October 9, 2018

Discover Digital Wellness and a Balanced Internet Lifestyle with Audra and 11street Key highlights: • The National Health and Morbidity Survey in 2017 revealed that 34.9%

All about vacuum cleaner

November 9, 2017

Many of us are obsessed with cleaning, like me. I am considered an OCD to most people. But in my opinion, this is not OCD, this is basic cleanliness that everyone should

The Ultimate Space

November 6, 2017

Take a look at your laptop, smartphones & tablet. They all require space. Have you ever given a thought of how and when they were made? Do you remember how external hard

Best Anker products on sale!

October 30, 2017

Anker is having a year end sale, up to 50% discount! Anker is known for making and innovating things that make your life more convenient. For example, they have a small long

Students and university supplies

October 30, 2017

Being a student now requires more than a notebook, a pen and a textbook. It is considered almost impossible to be study in a university without a PC or a laptop. And no one

New house. Low cost.

October 30, 2017

Are you single and moving into a studio apartment? If yes, don’t you think moving in can cost so much? The cleaning, the renovation, the furniture and the installation.

Samsung Quick Picks

October 25, 2017

Have you heard about our SHOCKING year end promo? If you haven’t you are missing out! Starting from 1st of November onwards, we’re having a massive year end sale! From

iPhone 8 and iPhone X

September 13, 2017

iPhone 8 and iPhone X Are Here And Here is How Much They Cost Today, iPhone 8 is launched and the world is losing it! Some are getting hyped over the new features and sleek

Google Shopping Ads

June 8, 2017

Google launches new image-based Shopping Ad format in Malaysia Just in time for the Ramadan and Raya season, Google has made it easier than ever for Malaysians to shop for

Sony XZs & XA1 Launch

March 29, 2017

Sony Mobile debuts the world’s first Super slow motion video in a smartphone Ground-breaking Motion Eye™ camera with the world’s first Super slow motion video in a
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