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Fresh Produce at 11street

October 21, 2016

11street Extends Product Offering to Fresh Produce with 24-hour Delivery Service to Klang Valley Shoppers Partnering JOCOM, 11street ups its ante with 1,000 types of fresh

Celebrate Malaysia Day

September 2, 2016

Three Malaysian brands to look out for – Have you purchased yours? As we walk the busy streets of the city, squeezing into jam packed LRT trains, or eyes glued and fingers

Exclusive with 11street

June 13, 2016

To celebrate our first anniversary in April 2016, 11street Malaysia rolled out a contest to reward our customers for supporting us throughout the year, where winners get to

Filem Pendek Pertama 11street

May 11, 2016

Filem Pendek Pertama 11street – “Whatever It Takes” – Kisah Tentang Dedikasi dan Komitmen E-mall paling mengujakan di Malaysia menghantar dua duta jenama yang baru

Small feature, Big sound

March 22, 2016

Have you ever owned JBL® product, even if you haven’t, you’ve almost certainly heard the JBL sound. It rings out loud and clear from the massive JBL loudspeaker arrays

Help the Needy with Lee Min Ho

March 16, 2016

11street and the Brand Ambassador-cum-Korean superstar, Lee Min Ho will be hosting an online fundraising campaign to raise donations for Spastic Children’s Association of

Brings you to 19th Century

March 8, 2016

Online marketplace 11street takes a historic 19thcentury business into the 21st century Central Market tenants welcome the move and look forward to tapping on the enormous
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