Attention to parents!

December 13, 2017

So recently we have been shocked by the news of Enfalac’s counterfeit milk powder. While this case is still under investigation, a report has been made on a baby who was

Zombified Black Friday

November 24, 2017

Have you seen those ads where people sort of became Zombies on Black Friday. Zombie became the official symbol of Black Friday. In the United States, people get hurt and some

Online Shopaholic Guide 101

November 14, 2017

Malaysia has one of the highest numbers online shoppers. Some may shop of e-commerce platforms while some do it on social media like Facebook or Instagram. This shows how

Lets Get Hairy

November 10, 2017

Looks like Movember is back and many men are growing their moustaches and beards. But do you really know the significance behind this event? How well do you know about the

Seeing 11.11 everywhere?

November 10, 2017

Have you been seeing 11.11 everywhere you go? I would say the answer is yes. But do you know that there is a significance behind the number 11.11? Lets explore what does the

Got SHOCKING coupon?

November 3, 2017

Alright guys. Looks like we have come to THAT time of the year. Its all about SALES, SALES and SALES! But do you know that at 11street, aside from massive sales and

Our RM 1 Deal!

November 2, 2017

It is known by now that 11street is having the super awesome RM 1 deal for our Year End Sale. Here are what we have: Calendar Thermometer  This device functions as

The pursuit of Happy-on-app

November 1, 2017

Happy-on-app by 11street is the new elegant way for e-commerce shopping. If you haven’t downloaded this app just yet, then you should, as new downloaders will stand a

Travelling items at only RM 1!

November 1, 2017

Did we shock you enough yet? Ok, we have another shocking one for our Shocking Year End Sale. We’re selling all these travelling items at only RM 1. Shocking? Yes of

What can you buy with RM 1?

November 1, 2017

Looks like the RM 1 deal by 11street is back! Yea, baby, you read it right. Selected items are only sold at RM 1! Ok, here’s how it works. If you haven’t registered at
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