Big Brown Eyes with Olens Korea

The History of Contact Lens

Have you ever thought who invented contact lens and how?

The very first invention of contact lenses was by Leonardo da Vinci where it involved literally putting someone’s head in a bowl of water to alter his vision. This was impractical, of course. And then in 1636, a French scientist by the name of Rene’ Descartes came up with the idea of putting a glass tube filled with water in direct contact with the eyes. Like literally. But this made blinking impossible. And this was also how they got the name “Contact Lens”, because it literally made contact with the cornea.

Both invention was obviously useless, but that led to better invention.

The first modern contact lenses were made by Dr Dallos and he had the perfect method of making molds for the actual shape of the eye. This was how contact lenses started to evolved, and evolved up until now.

Nowadays, contact lenses are way different than how it used to be. From a tool to help people to see clearly, it is now a fashion statement that comes in various colors and designs.

About Olens

One of the best and in trend contact lenses are Olen Korea.

Olens is a Korean company that produces contact lens. Their contact lens are very popular among younger generation because of the big eye and natural affect it gives. They come in a series of color like; Natural Grey, Green, Sky Grey, Lavender Gold, Hazel Gold and many more.

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