Best Anker products on sale!

Anker is having a year end sale, up to 50% discount!

Anker is known for making and innovating things that make your life more convenient. For example, they have a small long lasting powerbank that fits just nice in your pocket. Anker also has come up with a powerbank that is designed for sports activity. Which means, its made tough, portable and light. It also has a handle where you can hook it on your bicycle (if you’re a cyclist). Anker’s products are not only convenient and useful, but they’re very well designed. It has a classy clean look, and yet simple, that will match with anything electronic devices or accessories that you have. If you’re not such an Anker fan, this might change your mind!

Things you didn’t know about Anker products:

  1. Most of Anker’s sales come from cables and wall charges. Now they’re moving into smart home.
  2. One of the reasons Anker is so successful is because as the technology gets more advance, our mobile phone batteries don’t last long enough
  3. Anker powerbank carries a small chip inside each charger, and it identifies what device that has been connected, like iPhone 7 plus, Google Pixel, Ipad so that it can deliver the correct amount of current.
  4. Anker’s products are $10 – $20 cheaper than Apple accessories, but with similar quality
  5. Anker is the first company that introduces USB-C

Are you convinced now?

Have a look at our top picks with great discount!

Anker A2228 39W Power Drive Speed 2 Qualcomm USB Charger 

Anker A8111 Power Line Lightning Cable 

Anker A1310 Power Core Premium Aluminum Powerbank 

Anker A1215 Power Core Voltage Boost 

Anker Powerline + USB Kevlar Quick Charge Cable 

Anker B2310 Port Car charger + 1m Micro USB Cable 



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