Beauty on a Budget

Some people say beauty is pain, and although that can be true, beauty does not have to be a pain to your financial plan! Here are money-saving beauty tips so you can look your best without breaking your budget.

Buy more to save more

Buy beauty items which you use often such as shampoo, conditioner, and facial wash in the largest size you can find. It is usually always cheaper to buy in bulk or larger volumes, and will be more cost effective. When you buy larger quantities of a product, the relative price will also notably decrease. So rather than buy two small packages of the same product, buy one larger package to save yourself more money. But before you go all out and buy the largest size of shampoo you can find, make sure to check the price per unit. Larger size products don’t always cost less than smaller ones. This is why it is important to look at the cost per unit and compare. The unit price will help you understand the cost per gram, kilogram, or other unit of weight or volume of the package.

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Ask for free things

It’s ok, as Malaysians we know we all like our free gifts. Make use of this especially when you purchase beauty products. Before you purchase a full sized beauty item, ask for free samples first. Most major brands will oblige as they understand different skin will react differently, so testing a product before purchasing it is normally done through sample packs. Aside from that, when you make big purchases of beauty products, you can also ask for miniature size of the products you use.


Keep it cool

Make your make up pencils last longer and avoid them from breaking by storing it in the fridge. Make up pencils, such as lip pencils are more prone to breakage especially in the humid Malaysian weather.

Get cashback

Use the right credit card and receive cashback when you buy your beauty products! You can enjoy receiving cashback when you pay for your beauty purchase at stores, and also online with an optimized credit card.


Pick One Item to Splurge

Pick one beauty item which you use daily, or most often and splurge on it. It will be worthwhile to spend a bit more on something which you make use of a lot. For example, a good set of makeup brush will help you apply your makeup better and achieve a better end result.  On the other hand, if you don’t wear a lot of makeup but you never skip mascara, you can spend more on a higher end, better quality mascara. The trick is to decide on a product that is important to you, and then you can splurge on that while being smart and savvy with your other beauty purchase.

Buy Double Duty Makeup

Buy products that will give you more than one purpose. For example, you can use some powder eye shadow kits as blushers and vice versa. Remember, makeup has expiration dates, so buying products that you can use for more than one purpose can help you to save money, because you will likely use it up before having to throw it away half full because it’s expired.

Dual Use

Shop When You Travel

Take advantage when you travel and shop at the duty free shops for your beauty products. Tax will be exempted which already makes it cheaper, and on top of that duty free shops often offer special promotions and deals for beauty sets which are not available in stores.

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