Attention to parents!

So recently we have been shocked by the news of Enfalac’s counterfeit milk powder. While this case is still under investigation, a report has been made on a baby who was consuming the product and was suffering from severe vomiting after consuming the counterfeit milk powder. 210 boxes of counterfeit Enfalac has been confiscated in Johor and shop owners claimed to not have any knowledge of them being fake. These counterfeit items were sold among the original ones at the original price.

Though this is the first time of such case happening in Malaysia, various reports show that there has been cases like this around the world mainly China.

Identifying between an original and counterfeit milk formula can be quite tricky, but it can done by following below steps:

“The easiest way to identify the counterfeit product is to examine the individual foil pouches. The genuine Enfalac A+ Step 1 pouches are a bit puffy. The counterfeit pouches are tight-fitting to the powder and have distinctive sharp creases on both sides that are not present in genuine pouches, as indicated in the image.”

However, we at 11street would like to clarify that all Enfagrow’s milk powder from the original seller sold on our platform are all genuine products.

So Mommies & Daddies out there please be more careful.

Say no to counterfeit products.

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