Seeing 11.11 everywhere?

Have you been seeing 11.11 everywhere you go? I would say the answer is yes. But do you know that there is a significance behind the number 11.11? Lets explore what does the number mean on both sides of the world.

The Significance

In the West World:

In the western countries, the number 11.11 plays a very important role to the spiritual ones. They say if you start seeing 11.11 more often, ins a sign that a window is opening in your life, and if you make a wish, it’ll come true. This is also a sign that you need to stop whatever you’re doing, and be aware of the moment. Number 11.11 also possesses special qualities such as;  patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and idealism

In the Asian World:

Here come the exciting part. In Asia (first started in China in the 1990’s), single’s day started out as a day of “anti-Valentines” or in other words, 11.11 was recognized as celebration day for singles. But after Alibaba adopted the term and brand, it has become a phenomenon where everyone buys gift for themselves regardless their status. Now, it has turn into the world’s biggest online shopping day in the world. E-commerce sites around the world usually has massive price drop for just one day!!

So why not take a time off and join the celebration? Lets appreciate and pamper yourself on 11.11!

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