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Amazing inventions you won’t believe you didn’t have and know!

High Quality Microwave Oven Mitt Right Hand Glove, RM 3.78


Ok lets face it guys and girls, we’ve all been there done that. Its lunch time at work, and due to your workload, you’re unable to go out for lunch. So you decided to eat microwave food instead. So you excitedly wait for your heated food (so impatiently for like 2 minutes), and when its finally ready, the plate was just too hot for you to handle. And who brings mittens to the office, anyways? That’s when this cute microwave mitten comes in handy. Made from silicon, and the sized just slightly bigger than your thumb, it is definitely easy to be carried around.

Japan New Technology Quick-Drying, Antibacterial, Deodorant Diatomite Floor Mat, RM 47.50


This new wood looking floor mat is made of Diatomaceous earth. What on earth is that? Sounds cool, but I never knew what it was until I googled it. So, also known as D.E, it is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled into a fine white to off-white powder and it is also usually used as a filtration aid. This floor mat is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, super absorbency and non-slip. Our team poured a bottle of water on the floor mat, and we were pretty impressed at the rate of how it absorbed water. Looks like you don’t have to worry about getting multiple floor mats anymore. And if you prefer the fluffy floor mats, you can put that one on top of this one, and the D.E will absorb all the liquid from that mat.

Mini portable glasses microfiber cleaner brush, RM 4,94


Ok, to be honest, when we first saw this product, we were like, “Whattt? Really? People use this…?”. But when we gave it a try, we were amazed at how much easier it made our life. Rather than trying to wipe your shades or glasses with your t-shirts, tissues or look for our missing microfiber cloth, try this portable cleaner brush. It comes with a handle that has a hole at the end of the arms, meaning you can use this as a keychain. You’ll be amazed at the good reviews they’ve been getting. And, it really works well on clear glasses.

Japanese DIY triangle funnel draining basket, RM 6.70


So we found this weird looking cone, and didn’t know what it was until we looked it up on the internet. And we thought it was useless and a waste of time until one of our team members actually brought it home and tried it out. This colander is made of PVC, it came in flat, so you have to roll it into a triangle and hook it in your sink to use it. What made it so useful is due to its space saving function, especially for people who live in an apartment with a small kitchen. Imagine you’re chopping your vegetables and your bulky colander is taking a lot of space, this funny looking thing will definitely be useful.

3 in 1 360 degrees propelled sweeper, RM 32.71


A sweeper is just a sweeper, right? Unless you get a witch riding on it, there is nothing special about a sweeper. Except this one. What makes this item cool is the fact that it has 2 big brushes that can actually rotate 360 degrees. And that’s not even close to what makes it unique. This sweeper actually comes in with a built-in dust pan. What does this mean? It’s useful and space saving.  And it gets rid of the dust. And rubbish. And debris.

Wireless Triangular Sweeper, RM 159.90


If you’re a fan of robot vacuum, you might find this interesting and more economical. Its wireless, its light weight and the best part is, its triangle in shaped with rotation brushes. This means, its effective for places that’s difficult to reach. When the dust pan is full, there will be an indicator that tells you so.

Inverted Reverse Double Layer Umbrella with C, RM 28


Why would you need an inverted reverse umbrella? Doesn’t make any sense, right? But you probably won’t even believe that you have been needing an umbrella like this before. It’s just that you never realized this. Instead of opening and closing the umbrella inwards like a normal one, this particular one does totally the opposite. The reason behind it is so that its easier for you to close and open it when you’re in a small area. For example, if you’re getting out in a car while its pouring rain, wouldn’t it be easier if you could open your umbrella outward so that you less wet? This also means that when you fold your umbrella back in, it keeps the wet part inside instead of outside so that your storage area won’t get wet and dirty. And nope it will not give a bad smell, because its dries up very fast.

Cute Cartoon Squeeze Squishy Soft Toy Stress Relief, RM 4.61


When we first saw this, we were like how does this little squishy thing be a stress reliever? Its slightly bigger than your thumb, made of rubber and a bit sticky but not to sticky kind of way. But we saw quite a number of positive feedbacks on this item, so we thought, hey, lets give this a try.

So we concluded that, rather than being a stress reliever, it should maybe be called a “Calmer toy” or something. What this item does is, it actually get your mind of things. It sorts of distract you with its squishy material, and its cute little feature. Its not exactly built tough, so try not to pull too much or it will tear. But if you’re moderately stress, it should work!

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