A SUPER little something for everyone

Their aim is splash a glimpse of happiness into every sip or bite, thus the tagline of “Smile for every moment”. That is the key message Super is carrying around. A common brand we see at the supermarket, who would have thought they have such a big heart.

Super is different from any other brands you have come across. Most people would know them more with their coffee. But they actually have more than that, for everyone. And guess what? There’s a Super Year End Sale right now. Where? Only at 11street!

Super Coffee for different taste buds

Their coffee comes in 5 types; 3 in 1 rich, 3 in 1 regular, 2 in 1 kopi-o, 3 in 1 hazelnut coffee & 3 in 1 brown sugar. All these types have different sweetness, coffee strength and creaminess to cater to different taste buds.

Essenso Microground Coffee for real caffeine addict

Not everyone is familiar with this product of Super, but it is actually their platinum instant coffee. So if you want to drink real coffee but don’t want to go through the hassle of roasting and brewing coffee beans, Super has done that for you

Charcoal Roasted White Coffee – everyone’s favourite

One of the best selling one among Super’s products, their white coffee can practically impress anyone. What this mean is, even if you’re not a coffee drinker you might like it. This special blend white coffee is made to suit everyone’s taste bud. This line comes in 3 products; White Coffee roasted hazelnut, white coffee brown sugar & white coffee with creamer. These delicious flavors will bring back nostalgic memories at the “kedai kopi”.

The Owl Line – for the classy ones

Owl by Super is considered rare. This is because the coffee and tea comes all the way from Penang & Java. If you can’t find this, they’re having a big promo on 11street during the Year End Sale.

Super Power Boost

If you’re looking for long lasting energy throughout the day, Super Power Boost can definitely help you. This line comes in 7 types of coffee such as; Super Power 6 in 1 Tongkat Ali Ginseng & Misai Kucing, Super Power Kacip Fatimah, Super Power Kopi-O with Tongkat Ali, Super Power Chocolate with Tongkat Ali, Super Power The Tarik with Tongkat Ali, Super Power Chocolate with Kacip Fatimah & Super Power Oat with Tongkat Ali. GO Power!


This is our personal favourite. If you’re the health cautious kind of person, you will definitely enjoy this! Not only these are Super’s healthy choices, but the also keep you full all day long. Their 4 in 1 Cereal with Oat is just so tasty, and it even taste like a meal. You can also taste other flavors like 4 in 1 Cereal with brown rice and 3 in 1 reduced sugar. Remember, its important to keep your sugar levels at balanced level!

Super Tea Infusion

Ok, here’s something slightly different. Lets say yay to the tea lovers! Their authentic and refreshing blend of tea will get you hooked! There’re several types of tea available, but we love their Red Date tea!

Super Cup

A little something for the ones always On-The-Go! Super Cup has various types of delicious instant noodle. And for your convenient, they’re served in a cup! Their unique flavors make them different from the instant noodle, such as our personal favourite Black Pepper Crab. Its something not to be missed!


So, what do you guys think? Don’t miss this Super year end promo, only at 11street! Click here to buy!




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