6 Essential Tips to Hassle-free Road Trip

Long for a Hassle-free Road Trip? Going on a road trip may feel like moving houses at times. Packing all these brand new clothes and accessories you purchased sounds slightly overwhelming, let alone getting your car ready for a long journey. The good news is there are some pocket-friendly ways to make your road trip a smooth, safe and enjoyable one!


1. Master the art of packing
Especially during festive season is a time when everybody wants to shine and show off their brand new outfits. On the condition they fit their luggage, of course. There are just two things you need – a proper, spacious travel bag and a set of multi-purpose accessories bag pouches. Your clothes and other belongings can be neatly organised in your luggage. No more digging in your suitcase to find that belt you sure was packed.

2. Make sure your car seats are kid-friendly
Will you have some toddlers in the backseat? There’s been a lot of discussion on children safety recently. Risk no more and get a high-quality car seat that will help you ensure your little ones have the best possible protection throughout your journey.

3. Capture life’s precious moments!
Bring instant fun and excitement to your journey. With Fujifilm’s new Instax mini camera all selfie-enthusiasts will be in their element as the Instax mini will be every ready to capture memorable moments on the road. No doubt all passengers will fall in love with its cute and compact body design that is available in various cool colours.

4. Travel in style
Sunglasses are iconic. If you feel like having some designer eyewear to look stylish behind the wheel for your road trip, get it from 11street and impress everyone you meet. It is very likely that they would work perfectly well for non-drivers.

5. Never run out of power
Ever experienced a situation when your device battery drained when you needed it most like making an urgent call or to ‘Google’ an important piece of info? We’ve all been through this drama but guess what – there’s an easy fix to this. Get a versatile powerbank and never run out of juice while on the go.

 6. Think smart shopping
Lastly, remember that if there’s anything else you need before heading home, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You can grab some good deals already. Look for special offerings online – all the products at unbeatable prices are just a click away at online marketplace 11street.

Before you hit on the road, you may pay a visit to www.11street.my. Safe travels!


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