5 Tips for Shopping at 11street

[Editor’s Selection] 11street’s shopper, Lee Yann shares her tips for shopping at 11street.

My shopping journey at 11 street started on April 2015 when i saw my beloved oppa Lee Min Ho. ???? Soon enough, I made my first purchase at 11 street using the coupon that was given upon new sign up. That’s welcoming!! Ever since that, i have managed to get more shopping coupons and have made more purchased from that. This is really awesome for me because as 11 street said “find what you love” and I indeed found many useful items at affordable price. So what’s so great shopping at 11 street? I would said it is the available discount coupons that makes online shopping more affordable. As of today, I’m a ‘BEST’ grade buyer on 11street and I’m getting more benefits to enjoy shopping at 11 street.

Here’re the 5 bonus tips that I have for you to shop at 11 street:

1- Subscribe to 11 street mailing list 

You will see more special offers and coupon available to download and shop at 11street.

2- Download 11street Mobile App 

Check on 11street Mobile App frequently for their shocking deals and buy them at the lowest price. Believe me it works.

3- Download as many coupon as possible

Check the downloaded coupon’s validity period and in between that you can look up on items that you would like to purchase at more discounted price.

4- Put your favourite items into wishlist

When you have your item already in the wishlist, you can then buy it immediately when you managed to download the discount coupon. See…how fast you can enjoy your shopping at good price?

5- Compare the same items but sale at different price 

Check and compare the same items on their price offered, shipping fee, and the seller reputations so that you can purchase your items at a good price and received your items in good condition.

Now, you can start your online shopping journey at 11 street with these essential shopping tips to help you to purchase your favourite items at a good price and convenience from your house. As for me, the most enjoyable moment is when I received my items and unboxing them. The feeling just like you getting a gift for yourself!! ????

Lee Yann's recent purchase at 11street

Lee Yann’s recent purchase at 11street

​From an excited shopper, ​


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