4 Hot Looks Right Now

Yes, its November 2017, but NO! its not 2018 yet. So why not finish off the year with the remaining of 2017 latest look. Finish off the year looking hot, sexy and sassy!

Bright Colors

Move away pastel colors! Bright colors are the in thing now, so you should really make a lot of space in your wardrobe. Coz rumor has it that bright colors are most probably going to stay till at least mid next year, or even almost through out of the year! So you might want to look at trousers, dresses, and tops in hot pink, blue, red, green and mustard yellow! And owh, don’t forget about your purple shoes too!

The 80’s is back

Some of you might already realized that many boutiques are making the 80’s fashion a come back. And we’re talking about really “Over doing it” types of party dresses, and those big curls sprayed hair! Big loops earrings, huge belts, red lipstick and stilettos are also making their ways to people’s heart. Though this sense of fashion may not stay long, we’re predicting it will still be around until at least March next year. So party people, you know what to do!


So get ready to look like your mom’s curtain or you could also camouflage with your granny’s table cloth. Yes, you’re right. Florals are back, and they’re here to stay. If you choose the right color and design, you can definitely pull it off. But if you have doubt, better stay away from it

Mix & Match

This is probably our favourite, as you can save a lot of money and be at the top of the fashion trend at the same time. So, there is no need to stick with one season trend only. Mix and match give you more mind more creativity to explore fashion that suits you the best.

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